Dwarf Hamster

Dwarf hamster is not the only one specie. This term stands for a 4 types of hamsters: Winter White//Djungarian, Campbell’s, Roborovski and Chinese. All of them are nice and sociable animals, which can’t be said about their larger cousin Syrian Hamster. They are able to live with other member of their specie without a fight, what can be a huge advantage if you want to have more hamsters in the same cage. Most popular of them is a Roborovski hamster, and this is the one which you can easily buy in the pet shop. It measures as an adult to 4 inches long and live up to 3 years.


Each owner hamster must remember the basis of their diet is the variety of ingredients. Hamsters are omnivorous, so their diet should contain: grains, cereals, fruits, vegetables, protein of animal origin, type of insects, or cooked without seasoning meat and poultry. As a supplement to facilitate abrasion of teeth, they should be given the twigs of trees and shrubs. You have to be very careful what you give your hamster, because a bad diet can have tragic results like a diarrhea, or even death.

Hamster care

Short-haired varieties of hamsters take care of their fur themselves, so they don’t need help of their owner. However, if your hamster likes being brushed you can do it using a soft toothbrush. Such a treatment does not harm him and helps remove accumulated in the hair dirt and dust. Remember… do not wash hamster using water and shampoos.


The cage should not be placed directly on the floor, in a place too sunny or too airy. The cage should be placed on a table, shelf or a suitable stand. The place where the cage stands should be quite to allow the hamster peaceful rest during the day. Most prefer temperature is 20-22 Celsius.

Wire cages

They have two very important advantages. They have wires which allow your hamster to climb, so he won’t be bored. Second one and more significant advantage is full ventilation which this kind of cage provides. That feature has a positive effect on the respiratory system of your pet. It is good to choose for our cutie cage with many levels. They provide additional space for running, but then you have to pay attention to the risk of falls. It is worth noting if the floors are made fully of wood or plastic, try to avoid wire ones, your hamster won’t have problems with moving around and won’t fall his leg in-between them. Since you have dwarf hamster you have to pay additional attention to the size of gaps between wires. They have to be really small maximum of 5/16 inch, otherwise your hamster will escape it without your permission. Size of cages is governed by a simple law – bigger means better. However, many hamster owners agree that you should look for a cage which is at least 360 sq inches. This was only a brief introduction. If you really want to find how to buy best hamster cage you need to learn much more about hamster and their needs.